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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  June 22, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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"news4 today." >> honoring those who died in metro's deadliest accident as the city marks the third anniversary of that crash. good morning. i'm richard john dan. >> i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today" for this friday, june -- >> 22. >> and 22nd. >> i was going to say, i don't think it was that late already. thank you for that. 2012. >> and it is another warm day today. >> it really is. >> leems like the temperatures are warmer today than yesterday. >> i know. i can't believe we're starting out this way. 5:00 a.m., tom. >> but the saving grace is we have clouds. so that's going to block those heating rays of the sun. boy, that sun was so shot yesterday. stepped out just a few times to get an idea of what it was like. right back into the ac. you want to stay in the ac again today just because of high humidity. it is so uncomfortably humid now and these areas in yellow are all in the 70s and the areas you see in orange is in the 80s. yes. between washington and
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baltimore, generally in the low to mid 80s. even the few pockets. those splotches of orange is in the 80s here. predawn on this friday morning. reagan national is at 83. while these areas in green are in the 60s. out in the mountain there's. it's still humid. we still have a front though that is just now moving into the ohio valley and behind that it's turning much cooler. in fact, the temperatures are only in the 50s. northern indiana and into michigan this morning. some of that cool air coming our way dry air for the weekend. somewhat cooler. general flow southwest to northeast. few scattered showers, sprinkles from fairfax county down towards fredericksburg and baltimore. west of shenandoah valley getting sprinkles. here's your day planner. a greater chance by noontime of showers and thunder. then a likelihood of that after that. in fact, 2:00 to 8:00 p.m. we
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could get severe storms with damaging winds. highs low to mid 90s where the storms really do get going. we'll cool down a bit tonight. a look at your evening planner coming up in ten minutes. a maryland medical facility will be closed today because of the hot weather. the air conditioning system is not working at the dennis avenue health center as part of the montgomery county health and human services department. employees will be working at some alternate locations. now let's see how traffic is shaping up. >> good morning. richard, things look good, fep you're traveling i-270 northbound earlier we did have road work at old georgetown road. out of the roadway. let's check things out in the germantown area. live look at father hurley bo bouleva boulevard. no issues to report northbound. as you head to the lanes connecting to the beltway. traveling on the inner loop we'll check that speed right now. i have the wrong speed up. i was checking the speed. no accidents no, construction, no delay on the inner loop and outer loop of the beltway.
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and if you're taking the rails, they are open with no delays so far. >> thanks. breaking news now. at least 17 people are dead after a standoff that ended a few minutes ago between taliban terrorists and afghan security forces. police say three men attacked the kabul hotel with machine gun, grenade, and suicide vests late last night. at least two of the terrorists were killed in the standoff. a taliban spokesman says the men attacked the hotel because foreigners there were drinking and doing some other things that are banned by islam. new this morning. prince george's police are investigating a shooting involving one of their officers. it happened in the 5600 block of fairmont heights. that's where melissa is live with the latest details. good morning. >> good morning. that's right. police in prnlg county cleared the scene here a little whale ago. let me show you something looks like at this officer-involved shooting. just about half hour ago. take a look at this video here. here's what we know.
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somebody called 911 just before midnight report that shots had been fired in the area here. 56 and cole. we know that officers got to the scene there was some sort of incident here and a man ended up being shot. the victim was taken to the hospital. he's expected to recover. police say they're going to release more information about this around 7:00 this morning. live in fairmont heights, melissa mall text, news4. d.c. police on a hunt for sauce expect who stabbed a man multiple times. a man walked into the police station on alabama avenue southeast with multiple stab wounds. they searched for the scene but they couldn't find one. the man was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition. three years ago will be honored with a plaque. they will enveil it between first and oglethorpe streets at 11:00 this morning. the crash was the deadliest in the transit system's history. a malfunctioning electronic circuit caused two trains to
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collide near the station i'll canning a train operator and eight passengers. 80 others were injured. manassas police looking for a man who attacked a woman along a trail. it happened tuesday night. 21-year-old woman told police a man struck her from behind, knocking her to the ground. somehow she managed to fight him off. the man managed to get away before police got there. officers got enough of a description to create a composite sketch. if you can help with this case, you're asked to contact manassas police. 5:05. 81 degrees. watching the markets. news that is sending stocks tumbling. ahead, new allegations against jerry sandusky as the jury in the sex abuse trial deliberates his fate. caught on tape. a driver learns the hard way that you can't beat the train. and it's another hot start to the morning but a change is on the horizon. meteorologist tom kierein has more on severe weather heading ♪
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welcome back now. a graphic warning about the dangers of trying to beat a train. check this out. a woman in charlotte, north carolina shs wasn't paying attention and 2r50id tried to r gates last week. the train slammed into her suv trap that drive ver inside. it took 14 rescuers to free her. fortunately the driver and 48 train passengers walked away bout any serious injuries. scary to see that. >> indeed. such a dangerous move. we are in the 80s in some places already. and it's just passed 5:00 a.m. this does not bode well for the rest of the day. >> supposed to be relief coming, tom. what's going on? >> 80 sz residual heat from yesterday. record high of 99 yesterday afternoon at reagan national airport. and than we had clouds coming in acting like a blanket, hold that heat in overnight. as a result, we are off to a
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warm and very muggy morning. here's what's been happening over the last 12 hours. there are the clouds. they rolled on through the speckles of color. those are some scattered light showers. the areas of green getting a few sprinkles now near mt. vernon and breaks up a little bit down toward dale city and now into western charles county. that's drifting north and east. getting a few other sprinkles in the central shenandoah valley. farther north and west, western maryland, northern west virginia getting sprinkles, too. here's your day planner. have an umbrella handy. might have a passing shower this morning. otherwise, cloudy and muggy. my boone noontime, still mostly cloudy. temperatures in the low mid 90s early afternoon. small chance of thunder shower noontime. likelihood from about 2:00 until 7:00 with maybe some of those storms producing damaging winds. after that, maybe a few lingering showers and thunder showers until midnight tonight. that's your evening planner for this friday. and we'll take a look at the
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weekend and into next week, too. nice change coming our way. that's in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? >> good morning. things look good in our area. it's friday. especially if you're traveling around i-95 in virginia. checking things out north and southbound, clear. here's a live look if you're traveling from prince william parkway northbound travel speed, not bad. 62 miles per hour. this is the capital beltway. that trip taking 13 minutes right now. continuing on to 395, checking things here in this area as well. northbound at edsall. nice and clear. southbound issue free as well. northbound travel speed to the 14th street bridge at 59 miles per hour. that taking 12 minutes to get from the beltway to the bridge and no problems on the rail. richard and eun, over to you. >> danella. 81 degrees. anger with apple. the changes to the company's iphone thatcom some claim will leave you feeling ripped off. also ahead, keeping things dark. the impact
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you're so fat. >> takes up the whole seat. >> oh, my god, your glasses are foggy from your [ bleep ]. >> this upstate school bus monitor bullied by a group of middle school students will be able to take quite a nice summer vacation. we told you about karen cline yesterday, the cell phone video of her being tormented on the school bus was posted on youtube and thousands of people responded by contributing to a fund set up for her. that fund is now topped $380,000. >> almost heartbroken that i had to do something about it. so the best decision that i could have done at that point was to start up a found razor to
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get her away from the environment and get her a vacation somewhere. >> he set up a fund says he knows what cline is going through. he says he was bullied as a child. meanwhile, police say the parents of the bullies heard on that video have told their children -- have told them their children will be punished. jurors will listen to mike mcquery's testimony again in the jerry sandusky sex abuse trial. the jury talked about the case for more than eight hours yesterday before ending deliberations at about 9:30. today jurors will hear mcqueary's testimony again. the penn state graduate assistant reportedly saw him assault a boy in a shower. they also want to hear the testimony of dr. jonathan dranov who testified that mcqueary gave him a different account of what he saw. sandusky's son matt said he was also abused by the former penn state coach. his lawyers say the 33-year-old was prepared to testify for
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prosecutors at the trial. another man also went public on nbc's "rock center." >> i told him if he didn't get off me i was going to call the police on him. and he just laughed at me and, you know, forced me on the -- to stay on the bed. >> travis weaver says he was abused in the penn state locker room and sandusky's home. we'ver is not involved in this case. he has filed a civil suit against sandusky. sandusky is accuse of sexual abuse of ten boys over a 15-year period. he denies the allegations. we are following a developing story from overseas now. four markets are feeling techkts of yesterday's tumultuous day on wall street. most markets are down. european markets are also down right now. stocks here suffered their second worst beating of the year yesterday. the sell-off was triggered by a number of disappointing economic reports including a report that sales of previously owned homes fell 1.5% last month.
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there's also word that some of the world's largest banks who had their credit rating lowered. moody's dropped the rating for 15 major banks including bank of america, jpmorgan chase, citigroup and goldman sachs. the credit downgrade usually makes it harder to raise money by selling debt because investors demand higher interests. vincent gray will begin a trip to china. the mayor will make stops in beijing, shanghai, and zhouchou. he will meet with real estate investors. his economic team will travel with him as well as private business owners and members of academia. this morning martin o'malley is in new york. in just a few hours he will appear on "morning joe." the governor was fund-raising for the democratic governor's association which he chairs. also said o'malley was trying to raise money in hopes of gaining support on two issues on
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november's ballot, one includes the same-sex marriage law and the other would grant tuition rates to some undock chlted immigrants. you may be tired of the weather but this morning in miami it is all about the heat. >> the miami heat are once again nba champions. lebron james captured that illusive title he so desperately coveted. >> miami dominated the oklahoma city thunder 121-106 clinching their second tight until seven years. lebron james careyed miami before 26 points, 11 rebounds, and 13 assists and earned mvp honors. james says it's a experience in last year's finals makes it all the sweeter. >> a t love open people saying i was a self irk person and selfish player. it got to me. all last year i tried to, you know, prove people wrong, prove you guys wrong. and you know, it wasn't me. >> the rest of the big three, dwyane wade and chris bosh, also had big nights with 20 and 24 points.
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and former wizard mike miller knocked down seven three-pointers to help clinch the title. >> after the game fans flooded into the streets around that arena to celebrate win. many started impromptu drum lines with pots and pans. that's been a tradition in miami, especially in sections of town like little havana. besides the noise, everyone remained peaceful and no reports of any damage or injuries. >> baking on your pots and pans today, richard? >> i woke everyone up this morning with pots and pans. i'm just kidding. i don't do that. a lot of people in miami do. >> if you were in miami, you would be doing it. >> maybe. >> let's check the forecast. meteorologist tom kierein telling us about another hot day. >> the clouds came in overnight and held in a lot of warmth from yesterday so we are off to a mild and muggy morning. the air is thick with humidity. 83 at reagan national. annapolis, 82. it is in the upper 70s right near the bay. away from the water, mid 70s
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montgomery. prince george's, arlington, fairfax county. mid 70s, low 70s, shenandoah valley. the storm4 radar showing over the last few showers. light sprinkles, in prince george's county, southeast washington, and right down along the potomac just coming in to charles county. farther west, getting a few light showers, moderate showers from near shenandoah valley and win maryland. yellow is a zone zone of potential strong storms. some storms could be severe. in fact, later this afternoon we could have damaging winds from some isolated thunderstorms around northern virginia, the district. up toward boston, too. may be flight delays between washington and boston later this afternoon. 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. is the threat time it does look like from the storm storms. highs rain, should make it low to mid 90s by early afternoon. then it's afternoon that that we'll cool down when any rain does move on through with thunder and lightning and maybe damaging winds.
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then tomorrow and sunday looking terrific. 60s in morning. after highs, 80s. low humidity. might get showers and thunder showers late sunday evening. and off and on on monday. and then after that, we'll cool down quite a bit. in fact, highs only near 80 on tuesday and wednesday with low humidity. morning lows cool, near 60 degrees. and still not much humidity even toward the end of next week. so a nice break coming in for the next several days. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. danella is here now with another look at traffic. >> checking things out if you're traveling along the dulles toll road. no issues to report. travel speed is about 61 miles per hour from hunter mill road to the beltway. that drive will take you just six minutes. now connecting on to the beltway from the dulles toll road heading down to the interchange. light volume in this area. giving you a travel speed. in fact, from the dulles toll road, 63 miles per hour. that trip only taking 13 minutes. continuing on the outer loop of the beltway crossing over the wilson bridge, heading into
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prince george's county. clear as well. look at this making your way past landover road. no accidents. no major delays at all. happy friday. eun, back over to you. >> danella, thank you. 5:2. 81 degrees. the nationals have a little momentum going to this weekend's battle of the beltways. >> and that ball is killed. fair ball right field corner. flores will score. adam laroche being waved around. here comes the throw. it is 4-2 nationals. >> the tampa bay rays, 5-2 last night for their second straight win. they increase their lead to 3 1/2 games with that vickity. if nationals take on the orioles tonight in baltimore. tampa bay rays pitcher joe peralta is appealing eight-game suspension for having pine tar on his glove. peralta used to play and pitch for the nationals. rays manager suggested the nats
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tipped off the umpires about the pine tar because of what they knew about him when he played here in d.c. lance armstrong formally respond to the u.s. aity doping agency's accusations that he used banned drugs. the deadline is today to submit a written defense to the agency. they have accused armstrong and four staff members of his cycling team of conspireing to cheat with performance enhancing drugs and blood transfusions from 1996 until 2010. during that time armstrong won a record seven tour de france titles. if everyone in the world was as over weight as americans it could be the equivalent of adding 1 billion extra people to the human population. that's according to a new study that suggests weight and not just headcount should be considered when looking at the impact of the people on the plan planet. the number of humans on the planet is more than 7 billion. our total weight is 287 million tons. the united states topped the list of heaviest countries.
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the study was done by the london school of hygiene and tropical medicine. light at night could be making your sick. they say excessive light at night including lights from computer screens and other electronic media can disrupt sleep, particularly in children and teens. researchers also say the wrong type of light at night can cause unsafe driving conditions. may even increase the risk of cancer. exposure to light at night disrupts production of me lan tone anyone made during sleep and it's thought that melatonin may be a cancer suppresser. too much stress can lead to problems, a little stress may be good for you. it may improve your immune system. stanford researchers found in lab rats key immune cells respond to short-term stress. doctors say knowing this could some day lead to treatments to improve patient's recovery from serious wounds. we always have a little bit of stress in our lives. comes with the territory. >> you've got to have a little bit. the new iphone5 may one of
5:26 am
the most anticipated releases apple has had in a while. one update has apple lovers up in arms. >> according to multiple sources, apple plans to change the size and shape of the dock on the bottom of the iphone. the change would render all those accessories, alarm clocks, and even the chargers useless. apple users around the world have taken to the internet to complain but the changes are still not confirmed. one tech blogger says apple is making the change to conserve space inside the iphone. >> i'm sure a lot of people are saying apple is doing it to make money. can you imagine, the number of chargers we purchase for all of our different things. you lose one, get another one. >> just trying to get you every way you can. hopefully it's not true. >> yes. 5:126. 81 degrees. coming up, taking time to honor the lives of those killed in metro's deadliest accident. plus, why the president of the university of virginia may not be losing her job after all. some storms are starting to develop out to the west of us. the impact they will have on our region today.
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6. looking at the stories making headlines right now at 5:29. taking time to honor those who died as district marks the third
5:30 am
an verse i of the deadly metro rail collision. a man is in the hospital after an officer involved shooting overnight in prince george's county. stock markets across the world are taking a tumble today after a wave of bad news hits wall street. we'll have much more on those stories throughout the morning. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> i'm richard jordan. welcome to "news4 today." it is kind of a warm and sticky start to the day. live pictures from northeast washington there on new hampshire. and you can see a pretty sky though. >> we like the clouds. hopefully that will keep it a little bit cooler today. 80 degrees in some places already, tom. >> those clouds held in some of the extreme heat we had yesterday. held in overnight. we stayed in the 80s throughout much of the metro area. all night long. and, in fact, as we look at the regional temperature map, those areas in orange are in the 80s and you can see that along the tidal potomac and north and west of washington as well as around the bay and up toward north central maryland. it's in the low 80s right now. reagan national is at 83.
5:31 am
else where the yellow zone, 70s. green zone, 60s. western maryland and some of the central parts of shenandoah valley into the hylands of west virginia. pleasant morning there. here's what's been happening over the last 12 hours. we had a southwesterly flow bringing in the humidity. a few scattered sprinkles around. we've got some in western maryland as well as central shenandoah valley. right now in southeast and across the line into prince george's county, around this part of the beltway from the wilson bridge over toward where it meets route five, it's getting wet there on the beltway. through western charles county getting a few sprinkles now, too. might have a need for an umbrella this morning but a likely need for this afternoon. as we'll have likely showers in storms. in fact, some of the storms 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. could be severe will w. damaging winds. highs reaching low to mid 90s before the rain gets going and quickly cooling down when the rain starts falling. a look at your friday evening if you plan on getting out tonight.
5:32 am
we'll have your evening planner ten minutes. danella has a look at the friday morning traffic. things look good on the roadway. traveling alon i-295 in maryland. actually from the baltimore beltway as you head down to the capital beltway travel lanes are open north and southbound. 54 miles per hour as you pass 32. let's head over to i-95 and take a live look right now 100. traveling southbound in this area as well as northbound as well. nice and clear as you connect to the beltway. not seeing any problems for you. however, if you're taking the rails, specifically on the mark train we have two pretty significant delays. let's start with roads on east 870. mechanical problem. right now at 26 minutes. they estimate about 30-minute delay for this train. and looking at the camden south line, train number 841, 13-minute delay right now. i'm back in ten with another look at traffic. >> danella, thanks. today the nine people killed in a moetro crash will be honored.
5:33 am
this comes on the third anniversary of the accident. megan mcgrath is live in northeast where the plaque will be unveiled this morning. >> reporter: good morning, richard. you can see down below here the area where this horrific crash happened three years ago was on the straks down below the charles langley bridge here on new hampshire avenue. you can see on the fence some of the cross stickers that have been placed here presumably by some of the loved ones of the victims. well, now there's going to be a permanent memorial to those victims. it's going to be officially unveiled later on this morning. you can see the plaque down there that has been affixed here to the fence. it's covered with a cloth right now. during a ceremony later this morning it will be officially unveiled. the third anniversary is significant also for another reason. this is the deadline for lawsuits against metro. the statue of limitations runs out today. several lawsuits have already been filed. we could also see some more before the day's out. now, family members are expected to be here for the unveiling of this plaque. it's a fitting tribute but still
5:34 am
somewhat more, specifically they would like to see a memorial park near the crash site. a place where children and spouses can sit and reflect on their lost loved ones. but the controversy surrounding the site for that park continues. neighbors say crime in the area is already bad. they fear that a memorial park would only encourage va grants to come to the area, enencourage loitering. there's still questioning a lot of controversy surrounding the site of the park. all that continues, however, this is really a day to remember those nine victims. the people who were lost. we are expecting a number of family members to attend this unveiling ceremony later on here at 11:00 this morning. reporting live in northeast, megan mcgrath, news4. >> thank you. the new hampshire avenue charles langley bridge will be closed from 10:00 until 1:00 for the memorial plaque unveiling ceremony. the bridge will stay open to bike and pedestrian traffic. new this morning. one man is is in the hospital after police-involved shooting.
5:35 am
it happened in the 5600 block of kolb street in fairmont heights. officers cleared the scene. a victim is expected to be okay. police will release more information about this incident in an hour. and we are waiting to learn more details in morning about a body found in fairfax county. police say a man found the body near the hidden oaks nature center in annandale around 6:30 last night. police are saying little about the incident. they have not even determined the body's gender, race, or age yet. doctors expect a little boy who almost drowned in prince george's county to survive. firefighters say the 9-year-old boy hit his head while diving into a pool in upper marlboro. he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. a legal rights group isn't giving up its fight for access to records from bradley manning's court-martial. he is the army private charge with leaking classified information to wikileaks. they denied a request for the constitutional rights to public access to records from his case.
5:36 am
the organization filed the petition on behalf of wikileak, it's founder and five journalists. it will appeal the ruling to the military's highest court. another twist in the controversy over the president. the school's board of visitors may be having second thoughts about forcing her to resign. the board will meet next week to vote on whether to reinstate teresa sullivan. her ouster earlier this month infuriated many faculty and students. meanwhile, the board of visitors is offering some insight into why it wanted sullivan gone. dragas said sullivan wasn't acting quick enough to rising issues. maryland governor martin o'malley plans to meet with state lawmakers in the coming days to decide what's next for gambling in the state. the i guess best issue is whether to build a new casino at national harbor. they voted not to call a special session on that issue but prince george's county executive hopes to convince the governor to call
5:37 am
one anyway. if no action is taken by august 2309, voters likely will not have a say until 2014. 81 degrees. talking about setting your own schedule. >> my wife is in labor. her water has broken. it's time to go. >> okay. hold on. let me get someone out there. >> the local child that entered the world in a dramatic way. how a 90-year-old grandmother fought back after she was mugged. and a slight break in the heat today, but it comes with a chance for some severe weather. ♪ jimmy bond
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i'm sticky and uncomfortable. try gold bond powder. medicated to protect, absorb, even relieve itching. -thanks, jimmy. -thank gold bond. ♪ this stuff works caught on camera. a 90-year-old woman mugged right outside a convenience store. but the crime didn't stop this little old lady. a man helped to rush her up and ask if she wanted to go to the hospital or chase the thief. the grandma chose the latter. they jumped in the car and found the crook. he hold the thief in a head look. the 90-year-old woman called that man who came to the rescue a wonderful fella and she's now recovering from severe bruises. >> grandma. >> don't mess -- you know what, don't underestimate these grandmas are tough. >> they may look weak but you never know. >> good for her. let's check on the weather. another warm start to the day. >> indeed. it is humid and hazy and muggy
5:41 am
out there. here's tom. >> a lot of cloudiness, too. live view from hd city camera. specs of green are a few sprinkles now southeast washington and prince george's county and charles as well as farther to the west. day planner will be having a small chance of shower this morning. otherwise a lot of cloudiness. a likelihood of showers and storms this afternoon before they do get going. high around 95. could get severe storms. 2:00 p.m. as late as 8:00 p.m. damaging winds and lingering thunder showers. until midnight, a wonderful change on the way. detail on that in ten minutes. how's traffic now, danella? >> following breaking news on i-95 in virginia. two accidents, first traveling northbound at the occoquan. a crash on the left shoulder lane. fire truck is just leaving here. good news is in your left shoulder lane. blocking your left lane. slow from the occuquan as you make your way to route one. second accident. right now you see two of your left lanes blocked here. you can see also that the fire department looks like they're just arriving to the scene as
5:42 am
well. but this car is completely facing the wrong way. back in two minutes. >> that's not good. >> no. that one car was facing the wrong direction. time is 5:41. going home early. what may be to blame getting a number kids sick.
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nlthsdsed 12 12 nlthsdsed 11. >> my wife is in labolabor. >> time to go is right. he helped a father deliver his son at home. andre johnson called 19 1 moments after his wife's water broke yesterday. news4 spoke exclusively to the mother and 911 dispaper about the dramatic delivery. >> his father and i were very,
5:46 am
very shocked at how fast he came. >> all of a sudden he's like, i see the head. i see the head. i said, you do? so i went back into the program. the program talks you through birth. and so i was trying to calm the father down. >> how can you be calm though? richard marvin johnson was born 7 pounds 13 ounces. this morning both the baby and the mother are doing just fine. a big congratulations to them. the time is 5:46. manassas police needs your help to find a man who attacked a woman along the trail. 21-year-old woman told police a man struck her from behind on tuesday night. knocked her to the ground but she managed to fight him off. the man ran away before police got there. the woman gave officers enough of a drips for them to create a composite sketch. if you can help in the case, you're asked to contact manassas police. a man charged with impersonating a police officer may have been surprised at who he pulled over. prince george's county police
5:47 am
say anthony ji van any pulled over a police officer on mouth 31. he claimed to be a military police officer from louisiana and accused the off-duty officer of speeding. the off-duty officer identified himself and called the real police. anyone else who may have been stopped by master gin van any contact the police. police officer accuse of killing an unarmed woman in her jeep is out of a job. culpepper police department fired him. accused of shooting and killing 54-year-old in a catholic school parking lot in february. they finished an internal investigation. he pled not guilty to the charges earlier this month and claims he shot her in self-defense. a man is charge with killing his wife in their georgetown row house. 48-year-old alberts muth is accused of beating and strictling her. she was a well-known journalist. doctors say he is not mentally
5:48 am
competent to stand trial in august. evaluation this week described him as delusional and increasingly anxious. he is being treated at a psychiatric hospital. the judge is hoping to begin the trial in october. a d.c. judge fined 11 occupy protester for failing to obey police officers. they began building a barn in the square. they hoped to use it as gathering place during the winter months. park police quickly stopped construction but some protesters refused to climb down from the structure's wooden beams. police brought all of them down and arrested them. they had to pay fines ainging from $50 to $150. new technology could help investigators in virginia solve cold cases across the state. thanks to federal grants, the medical examiner is creating sculpted likenesses of unidentified people from skeletal remains. the sculptures of three men missing in and around fairfax county as far back as nine years ago.
5:49 am
officials post the sculptures online and hopes that family members will see them. then submitted a dna samp to see if there is a match. >> in this technology can certainly open up a whole new set of doorways for an investigation. and so that's what we're hoping now that we have a like tons go along with all of the other information that we got. we have quite a bit of of information. >> state officials and police hope these sculptures help them solve these cold cases and bring closure for families. they can go online to see details on remains found across the country. a park ranger died while trying to save four injured mountain climbers. nick fell to his working to rescue climbers at mt. rainier. they got hurt while falling into a crevice. he fell. the four climbers are expected to be okay. dozens of people, mostly children, are recovering from this morning after getting sick at a pool in indianapolis. kids were dplcomplaining of a f
5:50 am
smell and started coughing and vomiting. they discovered a compound in the pool. it's a purifying chemical normally mixed with chlorine to help clean the pool. officials believe a pool employee accidentally mixed the chemicals. all of sickened guests are expected to be okay. a fairfax county health department are trying to identify an illness. more than 40 students participating in a summer program reported symptoms of nausea, stomach pain, and headaches. health officials say they likely attracted the viral disease often referred to as stomach flu. they may have spread the illness by touching a germy surface. >> we see it throughout the year, primarily 70er months and early spring months. it's possible to see it this time of the year in t summer as well. >> the students were at gmu with the congressional award foundation. their summer program ended yesterday. good reminder even in the summer to wash those hands. make sure you stay safe and
5:51 am
healthy. >> a lot of kids probably preparing to go to summer camp right now. it's going start off a little warm, but get a little windy. >> that's right. severe weather heading our way, tom? >> yeah, but not until later this afternoon. right now just stupid humid. >> stupid humid. >> if you breathe too much of it it will make you stupid. right now, 83 at reagan national. and that is as a result of clouds coming in. acting like a blanket. holding in some of the stupid heat yesterday. got to 99 yesterday afternoon. new record high for the day at reagan national. and all around our region, the metro area, montgomery, prince george's, arlington, fairfax county. mid and upper 70s with thick humidity in the air. wider view showing other temperatures around as well in the 70s. shenandoah valley and tlaerntic beaches with thick humidity. now, storm4 radar showing a few passing light showers now just east of washington as well as out in western maryland, parts
5:52 am
of the shenandoah valley. getting a few sprinkles now. that's drifting off over the next half hour or so. getting a few other light sprinkles now near central shenandoah valley. those will pass off to the north and east. all this area in yellow under a severe risk that includes northern virginia, the district, all of maryland and eastern shore. 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. is the time frame for strong storms that could produce damaging winds this afternoon. by noontime, we'll be up into the low 90s perhaps into the region. small chance of isolated thunder shower by then. after that though a likelihood of scattered storms. by 25k, some of the storms could produce damaging winds. again, 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and then much better for the weekend. lower humidity moving in by down saturday. the rain will all be gone. during the day saturday, lots of sun with highs in the 80s and low humidity. great weather for outdoor fun and recreation. and as, well, on sunday, too.
5:53 am
a another day with low humidity. low 60sed in morning. sunday evening and into monday, we could get a few passing thunder shower. that's a front coming through ushering in another area of low humidity. that will be arriving mid week. highs only near 80. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> still looking at two accidents on i-95 in virginia. it's a mess right now. first one, north of the beltway. excuse me, north of the occoquan. crash is on the left shoulder lane but these delays here jammed because of the accident. as you make your way at route 1, right now see the flatbed just arriving to the scene. you can see the car that's blocking the left lane here is completely reversed at this time. so two of your left lanes are blocked. again, very slow, jammed even from the occoquan to route one. on the trails, marc, looking at a 45-minute delay right now because of mechanical problems. also a twvl-minute delay on camden south train 841. back over to you.
5:54 am
traffic alert now expect big time delays on the beltway near the wilson bridge this weekend. starting tonight at 9:00, work crews man to close the threw lanes of the outer loop in alexandria. all traffic between van doran street and telegraph road will have to get by in one local lane. all lanes should reopen by 5:00 monday morning and to get around this mess, i-95 drivers are urged to take the inner loop of the beltway at the springfield mixing bowl, 395 to the southeast southwest freeway. sitting in traffic may not cost you as much money in the next months. gas prices will dip down this year. analysts tell "usa today" pump prices might reach that mark by halloween and certainly by thanksgiving. drivers should start to see gas prices fall after summer. we haven't paid prices around the $3 mark since december of 2010. if you're looking to save gas this weeking by taking the rails. the only closure is on the orange line where buses will replace trains between east and
5:55 am
west falls church. also single tracking on the red and blue lines. all of that work starts at 10:00 tonight. in addition, navy yard will close at 10:00 on saturday night for a security drill. everything should be back to normal by monday morning. 5:55. this morning a hacker group is claiming responsibility for twitter outages. the outage began before noon yesterday with limited service returning an hour later only to go out for a second time. the morning a group called eugene nazi is claiming responsibility. twitter's public relations account says the issue was caused by a cascading bug. the government is accusing a of trying to rush an anti-trust lawsuit. federal prosecutors have sued apple for allegedly conspireing with publishers to set prices on e books. apple wants to government to finish gathering evidence by the end of the year but the feds say they need until march of 2013. the tech company says they want to resolve the matter because the suit affects competition. but the government says they still have a lot to learn about the conspiracy. the hearing is set for later today. pieces of our nation's history will be on the auction
5:56 am
block today. kristi's in new york will start accepting bids for george washington's personal copy of the constitution and bill of rights. documents were printed and bound for him in 1789 when the constitution was ratified. the documents are expected to go for between $2 and $3 million. probably worth every penny, too. to have personal copies of george washington, the father of this country. unbelievable. >> you've got see that in a safe place, away from the kids. this morning the mystery wedding ring found in a used car is back with its rightful owner. >> steven and sharon callahan of california found the ring inside their pontiac a few weeks ago. i' ever since they've been calling dealerships. finally led them about 50 miles away to 79-year-old darlene king. king says the ring was her late husband's wedding ring. he believes it was lost at five years ago. king says she plans to send the ring to her son in oregon as a remembrance of his father. >> very nice end that she found
5:57 am
that ring after all those years and send to it her son. >> five years. so i mean, fortunately -- >> i don't even want to know what's lost in my car in five years. i can't even imagine. >> probably just a lot of change though. you have to go through. maybe collect some big money. >> yeah, baby blanket, diapers, who knows. >> diapers? >> clean ones. >> oh, let's hope so. that would be a big problem other wides. ahead, an overwhelming show of support for the 68-year-old woman bullied by school children. the report that has some apple fans very angry this morning. if you own an iphone, ipad, anything like that you're going to want to hear this one. 80 degrees right now at 5:57. there are some clouds in the sky. maybe some relief heading our way.
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breaking news on the road right now. a crash, a big backup, and then
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